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The Clinical Consultancy Model

How can healthcare providers meet the new demands of more complex care coordination? How to benefit from the technological innovations to ensure quality, safety, efficiency and cost control in the care settings?

Single patient rooms, limited nursing staff and technological developments increase the pressure on finding new ways of working. Together with our clinical experience and our three-step consultancy model we add value to organization’s individual care processes. We use our consultancy model as a structured tool - a process designed to ensure that the workflow optimization is built with the right bricks.

We define the scope and goal, identify the needs and pains for the customer. Documenting the findings and presenting a design of a new way of working.

Continuing with optimizing and test configurations so it all fits the new way of working. Then we conduct trainings in various ways and supporting at Go-Live.

After 2 and 6 months we have follow-up meetings to ensure that everything is working as designed.

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Jenny Arnesson

Clinical Workflow Consultant, Sweden

Anesthesia nurse. 7 years experience in Product Management Wound Care and procurement medical devices. Clinical experience in OR flow and coordination.


Patrick Björklund

Clinical Workflow Consultant, Sweden

ICU Nurse. 12 years with experience in the medical technology industry with focus on Patient Monitors, clinical information systems and alarm management. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified


Mila Hilden

Clinical Workflow Consultant, Finland

Neonatal ICU nurse. 19 years with experience as Neonatal ICU nurse, Assistant head nurse, Head nurse and Project Manager.


Tejs Povlsen

Clinical Workflow Consultant, Denmark

Acute care nurse. Acute medical nurse, instructor Advance CPR, head nurse and clinical work developer. Responsible for visitation and coordination of patients on-site.


Nils Arne Johnsrud

Sales Specialist Digistat, Norway

Electronics and Data Engineer. 5 years experience as a Biomedical Department Manager for 2 hospitals. 15 years experience in the medical technology industry focusing on Patient Monitors, Anesthesia Ventilators, Defibrillators, Cardiology systems, Ultrasound applications, EP/Cath labs and clinical information systems.


David Kastenfalk

Sales Specialist Digistat, Sweden

ICU Nurse. 10 years of experience in ambulance service, acute care and ICU.