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Clinical Communication Technology


You are invited to experience a real-life clinical environment where our clinical consultants demonstrates a variety of user scenarios, at Vitalis 2019. We will show how our solutions can manage unplanned events for the benefit of both patients and staff.

Our aim is to create a safe and effective clinical environment where patients and staff thrive. Unplanned events is one of the key challenges. Patient calls, cardiac arrest alarms, assistance calls from colleagues, notifications from medical devices - and much more - constantly interrupt staff as they perform their tasks. These continual interruptions contribute to an inefficient and stressful work environment that affects both patients and staff.

With valid, real-time patient information available in such situations, clinical staff gains completely new opportunities to prioritize their efforts. To meet both patients and clinicians needs, we cooperate close with clinical environments to create the best possible solutions to access clinical data and streamline workflows.

Please join us and connect with our dedicated team of clinical consultants and meet the Ascom family.

We look forward to meet you at Vitalis 2019!

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Jens Sand Andersen,
Nordic Director